Non Reversible SMSR Gearbox Supplier Andhra PradeshWe offer gearbox series with antilock system is available with wide range of output RPM and higher torque. Such holdback system of gearbox can be designed and fabricated as per requirement. we have developed well the distributor link in Allagadda, Bandar,boath, Guntur, karimnagar and in other centers. High grade compact and versatile products are preferred for its optimum performance.

Our gearboxes are successfully used in road construction equipments, chemical plants, textile processing plants, mini cement plants and many more equipments and machineries. We have designed enormous range of worm gearbox, worm reduction gearbox, non reversible SMSR gearbox and industrial gearboxes.

· Cast iron bearing
· Latest features

Non Reversible SMSR Gearbox Andhra Pradesh
Shaft Mounted Gearbox